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Whakatauki - Vision & Values

People of the land be one

Our school whakatauki represents our values of Manaakitanga and integrity, where everyone is welcome and every child will thrive.  Our Whakatuaki, Vision and Values are living throughout the school in everything we do and all that we are.  We are all connected through the land we stand on, learn on and grow on.  This banner was made in memorial to the Christchurch tragedy 15/04/2019. Every child in the school at the time of its making contributed their hand to it.  WE ARE ONE.​​​​​​​


The school was gifted with the whakatauki upon opening:

People of the land be one - 

​​​​​​​Ngā iwi o te motu kia kotahi ai


Following community engagement with our mana whenua, led by our Whaea Jean, we have a new and original Kaiwhare logo that links to the local history of Hape, Kaiwhare and Nga Iwi school.


Following staff and community engagement, our refreshed vision is:

Together We Learn, We Grow, We Succeed!

​​​​​​​Kia Ako, Kia Tupu, Kia Angitu Tātou!


Following staff and community engagement, our new values are:

I CarE - Manaakitanga
Integrity - Ngākaunui
Curiosity - Pakirehua
Excellence - Hiranga

Local School Values

Our New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) (MoE, 2007) has a set of national values.  Schools then localise their own set of values.  We have a new set of school values:

I CarE which stands for INTEGRITY (Ngākaunui), CURIOSITY (Pakirehua), EXCELLENCE (Hiranga) and the "CarE" is Manaakitanga that underpins all values.

We encourage you to korero/talk with your children about the values and how we are focusing on how the values are enacted in all settings!

Our school wide values matrix and values essence statements are the result of staff, children and community voice/thinking.

The values review is part of our larger Nga Iwi School Learning Vision self-review/evaluation.